Smoke Cessation Tips – Help for those Tough Initial Days


Filling up your ‘Daily Planner Diary’

 In the initial couple of weeks following smoke cessation, ensuring that one’s days are replete with things one wants or needs to get done. For instance, making plans on eating meals along with kin or pals. The key motive is to evade any kind of temptation to smoke. Moreover, it is imperative that activities that one enjoys doing are to be included on a daily basis. Being busy would help in drawing your attention away from the urgency of smoking.


Quit smoking tipsPlacing something healthy as a substitute in the Mouth

 Part of one’s urgency to engage in smoking is the need to have something in the mouth, so, as a healthy swap start popping in chewing gums, hard candies or healthful snacks in the mouth when the yearning to smoke arises. It is best to stock up on such healthy alternatives for such times. Those worried about piling on the pounds could opt for sugar-less substitutes.

Securing a ‘helping hand’

 A trusted buddy’s help could be sought during tough times with the ideal selection being a chum who is additionally an ex-smoker and has successfully trounced over the habit. However, any person who wishes for your well-being and is keen that you forego the habit could also be of assistance during trying times.


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